Sunday, June 17, 2012

Construction Update - SiC Furnaces:

With the publication of SiC & More Issue #45 expected next week, watch for an exciting update on the SiC furnace plants being built around the world.

Kormac Kennedy will report on the Silicon Carbide Technologies facility that will soon be under construction in Siberia. An interview with key management reveals both the short and long term plans for the facilities being built in Siberia near the Bratsk Hydroelectric power station.

SiC & More will also provide an update on the first SiC plant ever built in Vietnam.

In addition, an in depth SiC & More interview with top personnel at CUMI brings readers up-to-date on one of the world's most ambitious and exciting plant expansions. The changes taking place at the VAW plant in Russia are proving to be most interesting.

Rumors - as well as plans - regarding other plant expansions and new projects have slowed due to global oversupply of SiC and a significant drop in worldwide prices.

Watch for more in issue #45 of SiC & More.